Lining Oy's loyal customers are served online where product information, custom prices and availability are always available to contract customers.

- Automation of orders reduces errors
- Sales professionals save time + 20h / week

LIning case

B2B e-commerce and contract customer ordering system

The Lining web service requires a terminal-independent search, browsing, selection and ordering of the selection and items. Lining has several product titles whose information, prices and availability will be automatically updated from the Lining ERP system.

The online store implemented for Lining also serves as an ordering system for contract customers. In addition, product selection was facilitated with a proactive search feature that automatically provides search results by product name or product number.

  • You can submit a request for quotation for the selected products in the online service.
  • Contract customers are offered an ordering system that is personalized for each customer in terms of price lists and delivery processes.
  • For field sales, the online store provides tools for customer-specific product presentation and product orders on the go.

Like all our solutions, the Lining B2B online store was designed for mobile use. In the seller's mobile work, it is especially convenient to present products and make offers during customer visits, especially with a tablet.

Automating and eliminating duplicate work frees up sales for customer service, sales and customer relationship management.


- Niklas Wärnhjelm
Director, Lining Oy



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