SOLU Business Solution - Product Information Management and Web Sales

SOLU is an innovative solution for the implementation of sales and transactions of companies in the industrial, specialty and technical trade sectors in an online environment. It is built for the needs of managing large product ranges and extensive product information. It covers all the company's online service needs, ie connects the product database, the quotation and ordering system, the image bank and the website and / or store. You can use either the whole package or the components you need.


SOLU industry solutions consist of the following elements:

  • Product information management (PIM), data enrichment and distribution
  • B2B + B2C Websites / B2B + B2C Web Stores / Online Ordering Systems
    • Dynamic and self-maintained product catalogue which combines the product facts (ERP) data, as well as enriched product information
  • B2B User Management
  • Product selection and configuration tools
  • Volume and sales counters
  • B2B After Sales platforms
  • PDF catalogue from SOLU BS product database with a predetermined layout
  • Integrations (Microsoft NAV, Microsoft AX, SAP, SAP Business One, Visma L7, iScala, Powered)
Solu BS


SOLU utilizes the latest Microsoft technologies. Its use does not require the installation of separate programs, but is done with an Internet browser. SOLU provides ready-made interfaces for integration with EPR and CRM systems. The most common integrations are made between the ERP system and SOLU.

Server Software Requirements

  • - Microsoft Windows Server (or Windows Web Server) 2008 R2 SP1 or later

  • - Microsoft IIS 7 or later

  • - Microsoft .NET Framework v4.6.2

  • - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or later

User Software Requirements

  • - Maintenance: Latest desktop browsers, at least Internet Explorer 9

  • - Public site: The most common browsers and terminals up to two years old.


  • - 128 bit SSL encryption

  • - Scheduled database backup


  • - SOAP / Web Service interface in SOLU

  • - .NET Web API REST interface in SOLU

  • - Active Directory / LDA

  • - SAP R/3

.NET Framework

We use the Microsoft .NET Framework environment as a development platform and for programming web sites and interfaces. The .NET Framework makes development easier, faster, and more error-free, with several developers choosing it as the technology to use. Large enterprise (Microsoft) support will ensure technology support in the future, and as a new trend, ever-expanding entities have been released as open source. Overall, the .NET Framework has a good history of data security. The selected environment includes all the components needed to develop, publish, and run a .NET application.


Web Services is a widely used and accepted method of communication between applications where a program on the network is called via the http protocol. The use of the Web Service is not limited to .NET applications, but is also available in other environments through the SOAP protocol or REST call. If the application understands and is able to send and receive data in XML or JSON format, it is also possible to use Web Services in the application. The interfaces also allow the applications to be compatible with future applications.


With Solu Business Solution industry and tech trading companies can achieve significant benefits through online services.

The most significant benefits are:

  • Better discoverability of the product range
  • More high quality sales leads
  • More time for sales by automating frequent customer service
  • Better customer service for frequent customers
  • Support for after-sales and service sales



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