What does ‘digitalization’ really mean?


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A few weeks ago McKinsey published a very interesting article on what should be the mindset when moving forward in digitalizing business. Too often leaders either look at this from a technical standpoint or consider digitalization as something totally new that requires big changes and exciting new business models. My advice to you is to take a look into you core business and start thinking about things you could optimize. Start with a step or two and when you notice positive changes happen it's much easier to "sell" a bigger rethink within your organization. I challenge all leaders to sit down with an open mind and play with an idea: if my products would talk, what would they say and who would they talk to?

Another mindset you should have is not to be afraid of failing. Failing is ok. You learn a lot by failing. You can even gain competitive advantage by failing fast. You know what not to do while your competitor is stuck on making sure the decisions they are about to take will not lead into failure. Usually this means that the specifications just get bigger and bigger. Therefore remember to budget and measure a project so that it includes the possibility of failing once in a while.

Many, many companies can and will benefit from digitalization. Those who see it as a possibility and not as a must-do-thing will succeed in gaining competitive advantage. Is your company one of these?

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